FSG is excited to announce its next partnership with Oopsie Heroes, part of the Lifesense Group from the Netherlands. Oopsie Heroes is an innovative medical-technology application that helps thousands of kids with gaining confidence in staying dry at night.

FSG and Oopsie Heroes have big plans for Oopsie Heroes on the German online market. The main goal is for Oopsie Heroes to gain brand awareness online in Germany. ‘We have the feeling that this is the moment for Oopsie Heroes to gain traction in Germany and Austria’, says Paul Swinckels, CCO of Lifesense Group.

The Oopsie Heroes is a medical application that children with bed wedding issues can wear at night. The application is connected to a mobile phone that will warn the sleeping child when it’s time to get out of bed and visit the restroom, and uses ‘gamification’ to activate the child to use the app.

‘Over the last few months, we have been focussing on making sure the Oopsie Heroes will be deductible for German citizens through their health care insurance. This is already the case in the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium. Oopsie Heroes is looking forward to working with FSG’s team on making Oopsie Heroes a success in Germany’, says Swinckels.

Radboud Langenhorst, FSG’s CEO: ‘Stepping into med-tech as a new vertical is of course an extremely exciting opportunity for FSG. In our talks with the management team of Lifesense Group, it became clear that Oopsie Heroes is a truly groundbreaking application. I am very much looking forward to this partnership and to growing Oopsie Heroes on the German market.’ 

(Kickoff Team FSG)