Lisbon – Our Managing Director Radboud Langenhorst and head of Operations Juan Camilo Garzon Beltran visited the Web Summit 2019 on November 5th and November 6th in Lisbon.  Here are their key take outs and favorite over-the-top quotes:

  • Most brands try to distract people from what they find interesting, but should actually try to be more interesting instead ;
  • Content is like a 1st date, if you´re only talking about yourself, there´s not going to be a 2nd one;
  • Messengers over social has already happened so how to be part of the conversation (go GIPHY!!)?
  • Millennials & gen Z are all about expressing themselves and being part of something, so lifestyle marketing needs to be authentic, period (no commercial bs!);
  • TikTok (just click here, if this one does not ring a bell)
  • Creativity involves taking risk by default (so do it!);
  • Nowadays there are just too many HiPPO´s (highest paid person’s opinion) of people that have a millennial kid at home and therefore think they know how the marketing world work.

‘All in all, it makes sense for every brand to create a credible and localized brand and content strategy’, says Radboud. After visiting the summit, he also has some news for the scaredy cats: ‘Artificial Intelligence is coming. Actually, it is already here. And it’s here to stay. Let’s hope that AI will make the world a better place, too.’

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