Berlin – Sticky’s everywhere at FSG’s headquarters in Berlin. Trieu Huynh paid us another visit this week – he’s the person who taught us how to work agile.

Trieu first came to Berlin to work with the FSG team 6 months ago. ‘There’s no such thing as certainty’, is one of his mantra’s. So why plan ahead too much, or why work on strategies that explain what needs to happen in case something happens? That’s a waste of talent and money’, says the Bali based entrepreneur. ‘I am a huge fan of not planning any further than one week ahead. And I am a fan of learning by doing.’

Trieu introduced FSG’s team to one-week sprints, in which the seperate teams prepare, allocate and evaluate their work load weekly. Every team member has a different-colored sticky. The number of hours a task should take, is written on the sticky.

The person who ‘owns’ the sticky, can move it from ‘to do’ to ‘doing’ to ‘done’. ‘By making tasks small and working on them right away, we mitigate risks and we don’t waste time on talking about what might happen.’ Because, here’s another Trieu-favorite, ‘you won’t know what happens until you find out what happens.’

Thanks Trieu, for coming to Berlin, and we’re looking forward to working with you again.

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