FSG and Saint Basics are on a mission for cleaner underwear in Germany

On a mission for cleaner underwear, that is what the Dutch underwear brand Saint Basics has been all about since 2009. Starting November 1st, FSG will support Saint Basics in growing their online business in Germany. 

 ‘Saint Basics has been the most sustainable basics brand in the Netherlands since 2009’, says Peter van Akkeren, who founded the company because he wanted to offer a fair, comfortable alternative to underwear, t-shirts and other basics being produced in questionable circumstances.

Germany, according to Van Akkeren, had been on his wish list for a while now. ‘We saw that there was a stable stream of orders coming in from Germany on our webshop. We didn’t do much in Germany in terms of promotions or campaigns. For the type of goods that we produce, Germany is 3,5 times the market compared to the Netherlands. So there’s an opportunity here.’

FSG will support Saint Basics in gaining likeability, engagement and growth online in Germany. Van Akkeren: ‘My dream is to build a community around Saint Basics in Germany, with which we can clean up the fashion industry from the inside out.’

Radboud Langenhorst, FSG’s CEO, is looking forward to starting working on Saint Basics. ‘We always ask ourselves when talking to potential new clients: do we believe in what they are doing? In this case, the answer was a firm yes. Sustainability is an important topic to many Germans. We think Saint Basics will be a great and sustainable addition to Germany’s wardrobe, a brand that will be able to grow fast in Germany. We are more than happy to partner up with them to make it happen.