How we introduced AGU’s breathable rain jackets to gear-loving-Germans

How we introduced AGU’s breathable rain jackets to gear-loving-Germans

Anyone cycling through Berlin – like us here at FSG on our way to our office in Kreuzberg every day – cannot have failed to notice: Germany is undergoing a cycling revolution. More and more Germans are cycling to work, cycle lanes are being built, shared bicycles are on every street corner and the cycle lanes are packed during commuting times.

The Alkmaarse Groothandels Unie, or AGU – known among other things for the cycling clothes of the riders and skaters of the Jumbo-Visma team – has therefore taken the step to Germany two years ago.

A logical step

‘It was a logical step’, says Björn Jeurissen, CEO of AGU. ‘Germany is the largest market in Europe in terms of the number of new bicycles sold. Where the German car stands for quality, so does the Dutch bike industry. Combine this with the developments that cycling is increasingly seen as a solution for transport in the city and you can only draw one conclusion: Germany is ready for AGU.’

Anyone looking at AGU’s website will see that the company serves both the city cyclist and the (professional) racing cyclist. ‘We offer a smart choice for every ambition, journey or goal. We have been battling the elements from the Netherlands for 50 years. It is obvious that in the future we will develop products specifically for the German market.’ says Björn Jeurissen.

So here’s what we did for AGU in Germany. We started building campaigns on a complex mix of channels. Channels on which we thought we could find the AGU audience in Germany. The FSG brand team worked on finding the right tone of voice, creating the right content (including a newsletter all about rain jackets, Auf Deutsch), followed by multiple campaign outings, online as well as offline.

9.000 rain jackets

This resulted in a year on year revenue increase for AGU in Germany over over 300 percent. We sold over 9.000 rain jackets to the German audience. And that’s not it. We obviously have made sure German consumers online would be aware of all other AGU gear, such as bike helmets and team wear.

After creating over 150 campaigns for AGU online in Germany, FSG has found the right tone of voice and is excited about creating even more awareness online in Germany.

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