Auping and FSG continue their collaboration

Auping and FSG continue their collaboration

Berlin – FSG is happy to announce that we have renewed our contract with our partner Auping. Auping and FSG started working together halfway 2018. In the future, we will together work on growing the Auping-brand and  increasing awareness for Auping in Germany.

Auping has been available in Germany for more than 8 yers now. “Auping and FSG started working together a little more than three years ago to focus more on the competitive, online German world. At the time we did not have an Auping webshop. The Auping website was there to help potential new customers in their research in finding the right bed and a way to better sleep”, says Jörg Cieslak, Managing Director Auping Germany.

FSG and Auping together created a strategy for Auping to become more than just that. “What we did together over the last two years is pretty impressive”, says Radboud Langenhorst, managing director of FSG. “We created an online omni channel strategy in order to increase turnover in local stores. Auping is world famous in the Netherlands. However, not many people in Germany knew them when we started. We focused on creating online content specifically for the German market. And we measured the results of the amount of visitors in stores.”

“What we did together with FSG was a major step forward. The online experience of German Auping customers has now become the most important part of their journey. Buying a bed is what most people still do offline. They want to feel the mattress, experience what it feels like when you lay on it. However, we give them as much information as possible online before they come to the store. They only have to visit an Auping store or Auping dealer once”, says Jörg. “This way, we minimize their carbon footprint, which is important to us.”

Pictured here: FSG’s Managing Director Radboud Langenhorst (left) and Jörg Cieslak, Managing Director Auping Germany, sign the new contract. Picture by Lennar Schumacher.

Radboud adds: “Auping has laid the right foundation in Germany to make some huge steps in the following years and we are super excited to support them on this journey.”

“Now that the Auping webshop is live in Germany, in the next few years we can focus on growing the brand and revenue of Auping further. FSG is really proud to be working with a brand with such unique USP’s .”

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