Kings Of Indigo: making the difference on the German denim market

Kings Of Indigo: making the difference on the German denim market

We always ask ourselves when talking to potential new partners: do we believe in what they do? In this case, the answer was a strong yes. Sustainability is an important issue for many Germans. But if you, as a brand, want to make a difference in the world, scaling is the key. We believe that Kings of Indigo and FSG together will be capable of gaining awareness when it comes to sustainability.

For more than 20 years Tony Tonnaer has been working in the denim industry and is owner and CEO of the denim brand Kings Of Indigo. Founded in 2012, in the Netherlands, they make sustainable denim designs inspired by a mix of vintage workwear, classics and sportswear from the USA and Japan. With its main focus on making items that last and being as sustainable in every way as possible.

Kings of Indigo has been focussing on the German market from day one on, it’s their biggest wholesale market. They see a lot of potential here due to the rising interest in sustainable clothing in Germany. “However we currently sell less online in Germany than in the Netherlands, this is why we would like to develop Germany as a second online home market”, Tony Tonnaer says. 

“Furthermore I see FSG as an important partner to change our business from wholesale focused to omnichannel focused. We can continue to develop the market in DACH and at the same time gain knowledge for other markets by developing the FSG dashboard for them as well.” 

Radboud Langenhorst, FSG’s CEO, adds: “Tony and I have been talking about growing KOI together in Germany for a long time, and I am extremely happy that we have finally made it work. Next to the great products of KOI, we share similar values and beliefs in terms of business which made the contact so far very pleasant and open. 

It is no surprise that sustainability is a hot marketing topic these days due to which many brands are claiming that they are sustainable. Having the opportunity to work with KOI, being one of the true pioneers in the field, is something that makes our team very enthusiastic and we are looking forward to helping them with really making an impact in this industry.”

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