Reynier van Bommel
CEO Shoe Manufacturer Van Bommel

‘We have big plans for Floris van Bommel in Germany. FSG took a risk by working with us. We appreciate that. FSG believes in us.’

Five Questions Reynier van Bommel

CEO Floris van Bommel.

What was the reason for Floris van Bommel to cooperate with FSG?

‘As a brand, you can only enter a new market once. Floris van Bommel has  been a well known and trusted brand in the Netherlands for decades. We wanted to expand our business to Germany. But the strategy and webshop we used in the Netherlands and Belgium, didn’t fit the German market. Germany is a different league, it’s a big country with different rules. We talked frequently with the people at FSG about that. They understand the German mentality and manners. But FSG also took into account that we as Van Bommel are, in fact, a company with Dutch roots and Dutch values.’

What was it that Floris van Bommel first wanted to achieve in Germany?

‘The German and Dutch culture are very much alike. Customers in the Netherlands and Germany often have similar preferences. We knew that our brand would fit the needs and expectations of German customers. We have four brand stores in Germany; in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg and Cologne. Our shoes are being sold in big warehouses like Galeria Kaufhof and KaDeWe. We signed an agreement with FSG because of our wish to expand our online business.’

Can you give a powerful example of your cooperation?

‘When we developed the German webshop in 2016, FSG advised us to communicate with potential clients on a variety of channels. In the Netherlands, we had our own strategy of mainly focussing on B2B. FSG taught us that the German market doesn’t work this way. In Germany, you have to invest in a mix of online channels. We really worked on that as a team.’

What does your business in Germany look like today?

‘German customers have gotten to know Floris van Bommel. Most importantly, we  succeeded in keeping those customers involved with the brand. At the moment, FSG and Floris van Bommel are working on expanding our e-commerce activities. We really trust FSG in what they do. We have given them the freedom to expand our business in Germany. Our yearly estimates are based on their information. Floris van Bommel is doing well on the German market. That’s why Germany is now our e-commerce top priority.’

What makes your cooperation with FSG unique?

‘We trust FSG and consider our partnership a key factor in the continued success of Floris van Bommel in Germany. Working with their experts has made a big difference in our strategy and execution. Our future in Germany involves FSG. FSG took a risk by working with us. We appreciate that. FSG believes in us. That, to us, has made the difference.’

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