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FSG and Crowdbutching have big plans for 2020

Berlin – FSG is proud to announce its next partnership: we will be helping the Dutch company Crowdbutching with growing their online business in Germany.

Crowdbutching, founded by Dutch entrepreneur Berend te Voortwis in 2015, is on a mission to transform the meat industry. By turning the typical meat production process on its head, they are working towards their vision of a sustainable, transparent and healthy industry.

Crowdbutching now connects its customers online to local, small-scale farmers who rear high-welfare livestock with no hormones, chemicals or preventative antibiotics. Customers can buy their share of ethically reared cows. Only when all the shares of an animal are sold, the animal will be send to the slaughter house.

Picture: Berend te Voortwis (left) talking to the FSG team in Berlin, November 2019. 

Crowdbutching sells its meat in Germany mainly through Kaufnekuh.de but also via Kaufeinschwein.de, kaufnehun.de and even kaufnegans.de in the weeks before Christmas.  They are working with over 70 local farmers now in Germany. ‘We value our farmers and their kettle. We want them to make a good living and we want them to treat the animals welll.’



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Unsere Story fing schon vor 25 Jahren auf dem Bauernhof der Familie unseres Gründers Berend te Voortwis an. Damals schon hat die Familie sich zusammen mit Freunden und Nachbarn einmal im Jahr eine Kuh geteilt. Fleisch war zu der Zeit (und ist es immer noch) außerhalb der kleinen Dorfmetzger und Bauern so gar nicht transparent und zurückverfolgbares Fleisch ein wertvolles Gut. Berend suchte also nach einer Lösung und machte es sich zur Mission, so viele Menschen wie möglich die Herkunft Ihres Steaks zu zeigen. Wir finden: das Fleisch einer Kuh bei der man genau weiss, wo sie herkam und dass es ihr gut ging, schmeckt einfach besser. Findest du auch, oder? #vorausdenken #fleischpionier #besseresfleisch #fleischteilen #crowd #crowdbutching #kaufnekuh #geburtstag #4jahre #zusammenfeiern #machstdumit

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Berend te Voortwis has impressive plans for Kaufnekuh in Germany.’We want to double our growth on the German market. From a substantive standpoint, it makes sense to work with FSG. FSG has the sincere wish to help their partners reach their goals. Crowdbutching values that’, says te Voortwis.

Radboud Langenhorst, Managing Director at FSG: ‘We’re super proud of adding Crowdbutching to the FSG portfolio. It’s obvious that the meat industry needs to become more sustainable as soon as possible. This can only be done by changing the entire value chain. Crowdbutching is doing exactly that. We’re looking forward to supporting Crowdbutching in making the German consumer aware of the fact that it should eat less, but more organic, meat.’

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