Berlin – Unique, handmade jewellery – pieces that are, on top of that, genderless. Buddha to Buddha is a Dutch brand that has been successful and well known on home turf for almost three decades. And guess what? Germany is going to be their new country of focus.

FSG Berlin and Buddha to Buddha have joined forces to gain traction on the German online market. ‘Especially during the last year’, says Jacco Tas, who is the CEO of Buddha to Buddha, ‘we have seen more and more interest in our brand from across the world. We really can’t wait to properly introduce ourselves to the Germen clientele. Our pieces are unique. We have been having some of them in our collection for over 15 years. Newer pieces, like the leather and beads collection, are also available for the German market. I think that on top of that, German customers might be really happy to see our clothing collection, and golden jewellery, too.’

FSG will partner up with Buddha to Buddha and will support Buddha to Buddha on the German, online market. ‘But I think we can learn from FSG, and they can learn from us in a more general way, too. Hopefully we can implement what we will learn in other markets in the future. I am super excited and I can’t wait to see our first results come to live’, says Tas.

‘Yes!!! We can proudly say that another truly iconic Dutch brand has decided to partner up with us. Buddha to Buddha is unique and uncompromising from day one’, says Radboud Langenhorst, the CEO of FSG Berlin. ‘This means we have quite a lot in common ;).’

‘Growing this brand together in Germany on our own shared terms and beliefs is a great challenge that our team is really looking forward to. So far the first steps are looking very good, so let’s go for it!’


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