Berlin – We are excited to announce that starting this month, FSG will support online arts platform Ohmyprints with gaining brand awareness and increasing sales on the German online market. 

OhMyPrints, better known as Werk aan de muur in its home country the Netherlands, offers an online platform for creative minds and photographers, where they can sell their pictures and designs. Online shoppers can customize the art works by choosing between different materials, sizes and colors from a huge collection of art works. 

‘Our platform has matured over the years in the Netherlands. In 2020, we have sold 42.500 square meters of art all together in the Netherlands. It’s time for OhMyPrints to take the next step. Conquering the German market to us seems like the most logical one. It’s similar to the Dutch market, but much bigger. There are a lot of empty walls in Germany waiting for nice artworks to be hung there’, says Jasper van der Meij, founder of OhMyPrints.

He adds: ‘FSG is going to be helping us with sending out the right message to our German audience. We really think that both countries, the Netherlands and Germany, can support and strengthen each other. In Germany, our competition is fierce. We want to be aware of the differences in both audiences.’

‘In terms of big topics like brand positioning, the really nice value-for-money product portfolio and the webshop performance – OhMyPrints ticks all the boxes when it comes to what is needed nowadays to grow in Germany. When we started talking with the OhMyPrints management team about a possible collaboration, we felt at ease from the start. Both companies have a digital-first and entrepreneurial mindset. I am really happy to have them join us.’, says Radboud Langenhorst, CEO of FSG.