Berlin – Our managing director Radboud Langenhorst wrote an op-ed for Emerce, about being successful in Germany.

Radboud wrote this piece after FSG held an event last month in Berlin: we invited seventeen executives from the Netherlands to come to Berlin to talk about local brand- and contentmarketing, social media and marketplaces.

‘There are some important steps every brand could take in order to grow your brands’ engagement and credibility in Germany. Facebook- and Instagram pages should be written in spotless German. Germans, in general, like to read, talk and write in their own language.’

 FSG’s event in Berlin. Picture by Lennar Schumacher

Germany has 32 million active Facebook users, 24 million Germans are active on Instagram. Xing (13 million) and LinkedIn (14 million) are the two main business social networks. Big market places like Amazon and Zalando are responsible for 40 percent of online sales.

In his story, Radboud discusses how brands can react to those numbers.

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