Berlin – The Dutch wall decoration brand IXXI and FSG have been working behind the scenes the past months to give IXXI a booming introduction in Germany. We’re excited to announce that starting this week, FSG takes on all online marketing activities on the German market.

IXXI was founded nine years ago by three friends in the Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch, and gives customers the opportunity to create personalized wall decorations that are easily adjustable. IXXI has since helped thousands of Dutch clients decorating their home in a personalized way. The separate pictures are put together by colorful connectors.

Next stop: Germany!
Ruud van den Akker, general manager of IXXI in the Netherlands, explains why Germany was high on the list of countries that IXXI wanted to expand to: ‘German people, like the Dutch, love spending time inside their homes. The German economy is strong, and people are used to buying things online. Also, IXXI is a product that is being shipped on demand. So, geographically, expanding to Germany makes sense, too. We don’t want the shipping and handling of an IXXI to take weeks. When we send IXXI’s from the Netherlands to Germany, it won’t.’

Feeling at home
Van den Akker says that he is looking forward most to seeing what kind of eye catching IXXI designs German customers will make on the IXXI website. ‘It would be great if the German customers, too, really see the value of our product, if German customers realize that a personalized design in their living room will give them a feeling of comfort. Since we are living in a high demanding society, I see it as an absolute necessity to have a strong sense of home when being at home. IXXI will make that easier.’

‘German and Dutch clients have lots in common’, says Van den Akker. ‘However, German clients are slightly less sensitive to impulsively buying goods. It looks like they want to read more reviews from other customers before they purchase a product, and it seems that Germans are more interested in detailed explanations about the product and company.’

‘When we were still in the research phase to find out if and how IXXI would fit the German market, we already got excited about this brand. We truly believe that IXXI is a product of which German clients will soon realize they’ve always wanted to have something like this in their homes’, says Aydan Bahadir, country manager for IXXI at FSG.

‘Here at FSG, we value the quality and originality of a product we represent in Germany. IXXI matches our standards. IXXI blends into our portfolio easily. They also embrace our idea of working with brands for the long run. We are very excited to be working with them’, says Radboud Langenhorst, managing director at FSG.

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