Berlin – FSG’s CEO Ruurd van der Weide wrote an op-ed for Dutch marketing magazine MARKT about being an entrepreneur in Germany.

MARKT is a magazine published monthly by the German-Dutch trade organization DNHK.

The DNHK asked our CEO Ruurd van der Weide if he wanted to write an op-ed about entrepreneurship, including the pros and cons of being a Dutch company trying to break ground in Germany.

‘Dutch brands in Germany would have to start from scratch. They might have been well known in Holland for decades, this doesn’t mean they will gain the same following in Germany. Competition is Germany is fierce. Germany often is one of the most important markets for big brands in Europe. There is not that much space for new players. Also, advertising in German magazines and newspapers is more expensive. On top of that, Google Adworks prices are much higher per click in Germany compared to prices in the Netherlands’, says Ruurd.

In his article, Ruurd also talks about setting up the right online channels for a brand in Germany, and how entrepreneurs in Germany can get to know the wishes and demands of German clients (hint: they are different from what Dutch clients expect).

You can read Ruurd’s full article here. (In German and Dutch).

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