Berlin – FSG will start working on introducing beds, mattresses and bedding of the Dutch brand Auping to a German audience.

Auping has signed a contract with FSG. FSG and Auping will become online partners in Germany.

‘Auping is a family business, a beautiful Dutch brand that has been well known in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. We are thrilled to be able to help them unroll a decent omni channel strategy in Germany’, says Radboud Langenhorst, managing director at FSG.

‘For a strong brand like Auping, the possibilities are endless in Germany’, says Radboud. Auping is a company with an environmentally friendly profile. They recently started making beds that are completely made out of recycled materials. In the Netherlands, Auping collects old Auping mattresses in order to recycle them. We as FSG respect and value Aupings environmentally friendly goals.

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