Our all-in approach for the German market

Our way of working? We can say it all in one word: all-in. We give everything. And we do everything. Everything you need in order to make your brand successful in Germany.

We build a complete online sales machine

Growing your online business in Germany requires an integrated marketing approach. That is why we believe in a full-service approach and therefore we don’t offer you separate services. When we start working for your brand, we build a complete online sales machine. In it, we make sure that all essential disciplines come together:

  •   Performance marketing
  •   Brand building
  •   Business Intelligence
  •   Customer service 

Right from the start we will plan to further optimize your marketing. Because the better all the cogs interlock, the smoother your machine will run.

Your e-commerce plan for Germany

Every business entry in a new countryl starts with a good plan. A strategic and pragmatic e-commerce plan based on extensive analyzes of your website, organization, competitors and target group.

In this plan, we include everything: strategy, proposition, channel mix, planning and the way we want to work together. An important part of this plan is the business case that we develop for you. 

In addition, we prepare everything to go live: the website, content, tracking, channeling, account- and campaign set-ups.

Our secret sauce: localization

Our main focus in everything we do is localization. This is our greatest added value. We create a brand that is fully geared to the local language, culture and media.

We believe that localization is crucial if you want to successfully use social media, influencers, PR, communities and joint promotions in Germany.

All on a commission basis

We take full responsibility for your online sales in Germany. Quite a promise, that’s right. This is why we do not work based on an hourly fee, but on a commission basis in combination with a minimum monthly fee.

This is only possible if you’ll allow us to paint the whole picture with you. That’s the only way we can commit to the turnover targets.

Only if we are a good match

Our way of working requires a significant investment, both on your part and ours. Short-term or one-off trajectories do not fit this profile. Each collaboration lasts at least one year. That’s the deal.

For this reason we are selective in the partnerships we commit to. This is in our mutual interest. We think it is important that we like your product. That we believe in your brand. Also, we want to believe in the collaboration. And see a good perspective in Germany for you.

Is this all the case? Then we go for it: 100 percent. That is, if you also like us, of course.

Want to know more about our way of working?

Please contact Radboud or Ruurd.

Expertises of FSG

  • Enhanced tracking and attribution
  • Community management
  • Social media
  • PR
  • E-mail marketing
  • Marketplaces and resellers
  • Online influencers
  • Affiliate and retargeting
  • Display marketing
  • Customer service
  • Set-up channel reporting


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