Creating success for foreign brands in Germany

FSG is an online agent in Berlin with a special mission: to make foreign brands successful in Germany. We do this with full commitment, because it is our expertise.

Your local e-commerce team in Germany

We are your e-commerce team in Germany. We work on the online growth of your brand every day. Right here, from Berlin. We do this with a dedicated team of more than 40 German digital marketing specialists. And some Dutch people too, who can tell you where you can get the best currywurst in Berlin. In case you want to know.

More about our approach

Since 2011

Have you noticed? We have a thing for the Netherlands. Ruurd, our founder, is in fact Dutch. Just like co-owner and CEO Radboud and a few other colleagues. From the start in 2011, FSG has focused on helping Dutch brands in Germany. For example, we made Floris van Bommel, Paula’s Choice, Grutto, Auping and AGU grow successfully in Germany. But why only Dutch brands? Exactly! That’s why we are now working for a variety of international  brands from all over Europe (and beyond).

Es gibt nur wir

We don’t work for you. We work with you. This is how we roll. When you come to our office, you will read this text on the wall: Es gibt nur wir. It is our core value and says a lot about how we like working together. As a team. That’s why we don’t see you as our customer. We see you as our partner. Together we work towards the same goal: to be successful in Germany

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Our team

Get to know our team. Which is actually also your team: